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Scratch cards are a type of gambling that appeared quite recently in casinos. People have known about lotteries since ancient times, but this type of lottery was created only in the second half of the last century. Scratch cards were invented by a small group of scientists from Massachusetts in America, they invented a special layer that protects the contents of the lottery ticket, but is easy to clean with any hard objects.

A few words on history

The idea of creating lottery tickets using scratch cards was innovative because it offered a quick payout draw. Also, one of the first lotteries in America to use scratch cards was called “instant play. This concept became the basis for many international and local lotteries that offered people their own similar prizes.

AstroMed Inc patented the idea of scratch cards in 1987. It was a landmark year for their further development and popularization in all countries. In addition, scratch cards were used in a variety of industries such as advertising, charity and the like, not just in lotteries or winnings. Today, scratch cards are used for a variety of services.

In some countries, these lottery tickets were very popular, and today they are popular with many people. But with the advent of the 21st century, scratch card lottery tickets have become less popular than they used to be.

Scratch2Cash released its first online scratch card project in late 2005. As a consequence, other creators began to use the concept, so that today this lottery is widely used in any online casino.

The next step in the development of lottery tickets using scratch cards was their appearance in casinos on smartphones. Scratch card game 7Bit Casino online is as convenient as spending time on other online casino games. Since then, you can try your luck at any time of the day or night, with no need to search for the nearest kiosk, wait your turn, and then look for some hard object and rub the coating, trying not to spoil the pattern on the previous layer. Now, to do this, you only need to go to the casino site and move the arrow of the mouse over the picture.

Scratch card

Rules of online scratch cards

There are a huge number of online lotteries now. Like all things, they have their disadvantages and advantages. But there are general principles that are common to any online lottery. The goal of a lottery is to buy a ticket with a paying set, which, in turn, consists of several identical drawings. The prize icons may be arranged in a straight line in some scratch cards and in random order in others. Therefore, it is always necessary to read the rules of each lottery when purchasing.

Some casino software creators present scratch cards with additional benefits. The prize features come in the form of:

– progressive jackpot;

– individual prizes;

– bonus payments;

– large odds and many others.

RTP and volatility of scratch cards

Each online lottery can vary greatly in these parameters, so it is necessary to study the features of each sample separately. You can find lotteries with an RTP of less than 90%, as well as games with a theoretical return of more than 98%. In most cases, the rejection rate is low. Payouts are generally quite frequent, but the prizes themselves do not exceed the value of the lottery ticket itself. In addition, if a jackpot is played, the volatility is always above average.

Paths of development

It is difficult to predict what awaits a new kind of lottery in the world of gambling. But now we can see and say about the success of online lotteries. They are widespread among people from around the world, a large number of software developers are constantly releasing new models. Lottery tickets using scratch cards attract users with many features:

– the rules of use are very simple;

– large payouts of winnings;

– a wide choice of models;

– short process of the game;

– additional bonuses and much more.

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Scratch card online

Frequently Asked Questions about Scratch Cards

Can I try scratch cards for free?

Yes! You can experience all the fun of this game with free scratch card 7Bit Casino. All you have to do is go to the scratch card page you would like to try and click on “Play in Demo Mode” in the upper right corner. You’ll find out how exciting this game is, even though you won’t win any real prizes. Once you’ve practiced, play real scratch cards for real thrills and instant wins!

Where can I find more information about each scratch card?

Click on any scratch card to see detailed game information, player payout percentages, payout table, probability of winning. and find out how much you can win on that scratch card.