Poli online payments system

Whether you want to fund your casino account or transfer money to another person, Poli Payments makes it possible to do so as quickly as possible. This service includes integration with a bank account, which is even easier than with many other e-wallets.

The best online casinos with POLi

Such electronic payment systems greatly simplify the life of modern people, allowing him not to leave home, and buy the necessary services and products online. The variety of payment instruments allows you to find the most convenient, safe, and affordable option for each Internet user. But, to be fair, it should be noted that not all online wallets can adequately compete with each other. That’s why we choose, test, and tell only about reliable options of electronic payment systems. And one of them is POLiPayments.


Poli Payments

Poli is among the most popular systems for online payments.

At online 7Bit Casino with Poli, payments are made through online banking.

To make a payment, you need to select the payment system and enter the amount you want to transfer.

There is no need to link a credit card account for transactions with POLi, which adds to the convenience of using the system.

How to use this system

To access the company’s service you need to:

  • Download the software to your computer.
  • Install it, choose POLi as a payment method, and enter the partner bank options.
  • The system will automatically fill in all the necessary details for payment.
  • In POLi Payments for electronic money transfers, there is a small commission, which is taken by the bank as payment for intermediary services.

You should also know that the installed software has special requirements for PC:

  • Microsoft.net 2.0 or higher,
  • Internet 6.0 or higher,
  • Firefox 2+,
  • Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2,
  • Vista: both Server 2003 and Server 2008.


From a security point of view, POLi never transfers passwords, personal data, and bank details of online banking customers to third parties. Not a single case of unauthorized access to a client’s account has been recorded. In addition, the system undergoes regular checks, which only confirms its high security level.

The system serves more than 33 million users, which proves its impeccable reputation among our customers.

Poli 7Bit Casino Australia is perceived by customers as one of the most reliable options for online payments. This is also due to the fact that our casino even offers special bonuses for visitors who use the POLi payment system to transfer money.

Unfortunately, to date, casinos with POLi Payments are only available to Australian and New Zealand customers with accounts at one of the following financial institutions: Bank of Melbourne, Bank of Queensland, Banksa site, Bendigo Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp Bank, and St. George’s Bank.

Our casino shows itself where it matters

In examining each casino from a player’s perspective, we follow a thorough evaluation process that considers all important metrics. Only by meeting high standards on the components that really matter can a casino hope to be rated highly by our team.

The key metrics we evaluate are:

  • Customer Service. Only casinos that offer prompt and multi-channel customer support can expect to rank high on our list.
  • Fairness of RTP odds. To qualify for high marks, the slot machines offered by each casino must provide fair payout odds to the player.
  • Choice of options with Poli payment 7Bit Casino. In order for a Poli Payments site to be rated highly in this regard, it must offer a wide range of traditional and modern payment methods.
  • Bonuses and promotions. To get a good rating from us, Poli 7Bit Casino bonus must be given without any unreasonable and unfair wager requirements.
  • Site Security. Every site needs to be reassured so you know that your funds and data are perfectly safe.

To get the Poli 7Bit Casinono deposit bonus and first deposit gift, the player does not need a special promo code.

Poli does not require separate fees or special accounts for customer use. When you are ready to make your online 7Bit Casino Poli deposit, you will see that Poli is listed as one of the payment methods in your 7Bit Casino account cashier. When you select your deposit amount, the page displays a list of Australian and/or New Zealand banks that participate in the Poli program.

All our customer needs to do is click on the bank where you do your business, and you will enter the bank account safely and securely. All the necessary payment information for the transaction will be automatically filled out based on what you enter on the casino deposit page.

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Can I use other payment methods on Poli Payments sites?

Yes. But for the most part, casinos offer different payment options.

Is Poli Payments a safe service provider?

Yes, particularly because you don’t have to register your information.

How do I find the right Poli Payments sites for my personal requirements?

You can use the filter sliders which will show you the operators meeting your requirements.

Can I withdraw my winnings from the casino because of this payment system?

No, unfortunately not. This system is for deposits only.