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Surely everyone who is at least a little interested in slots knows about such a slot machine as Buffalo. It became very popular and was created by the Aristocrat brand. The success of this slot machine impressed the developer so much that they released the Buffalo Gold slot machine. It can be considered a sequel in the world of online casinos. After all, the slot is a continuation of the theme, but it offers players new bonus features and winnings.

Let’s be brave and come closer to the wild animal. In our review, we will discuss why the Buffalo Gold slot can be called special, how to play it аnd in general, and what to expect from the machine.

Wild and regular symbols in Buffalo Slot and Gameplay

So, after launching the slot (by the way, you can do this in the demo version without paying a cent for it), you will see a field of 5 reels in front of you. There are 20 pay lines here, which gives you many ways to earn money with different symbols.

The basic ones, which are often observed in the development of the Aristocrat brand, are images of card denominations. Here are all the denominations from 9 to Ace. They bring the least profit if they make a combination on a pay line.

The slot also has main symbols that display its main theme. There is:

  • eagle;
  • wolf;
  • elk;
  • puma;
  • buffalo himself.

They bring more winnings, especially if they make the maximum combination of 5 pieces.

Special symbols:

  • sunset is wild symbol;
  • gold coins with an engraving are scattering symbols.

What are they needed for? Wilds count like any other symbol to make a winning combo. They can also bring a multiplier. Scatter – opens the bonus game. It, like in all slots, consists of free spins and an interesting feature, which we will talk about later.

The gameplay here is no different from other slots. All you have to do is spin the reels (manually or by autoplay) and hope that luck will land you winning combinations. You can independently change the size of the bet. The minimum is $0.20, the maximum is $100.

Winnings can be formed in any direction, and not only from left to right, as in regular slots. Therefore, there are much more chances to win here. You can launch the Buffalo Gold slot online for free; for this, you just need to run the demo version, which is presented in any casino.

Buffalo slot

The Bonus Game: How to Receive Free Spins

To start the bonus round, it is necessary that at least 3 scatters fall on the field at the same time. These scatter symbols that do not need to land on a pay line to make a profit or trigger a bonus.

Here is how the number of spins is calculated in the slot:

  • 3 coins – 8 pieces for free;
  • 4 coins – 15 pieces;
  • 5 coins – 20 pieces.

During the extra game, there is a new feature called Gold heads. This is an image of a golden buffalo head – the main character of the slot. They randomly appear on the field. A counter of golden heads appears on the screen. For a certain number of typed images, you get a change from ordinary images to a picture of a buffalo, which brings real money.

How is the replacement:

  • for 4 heads, the slot replaces all eagles with buffaloes;
  • for 7 – changes pum;
  • for 13 – removes the wolves and puts buffaloes in their place;
  • for 15 – replaces moose.

This not only brings good earnings, as the Buffalo is one of the most expensive symbols in the game. The game also looks very dynamic. Wild animal symbols come to life and run, which makes the process more impressive. Also, in the bonus round, there is a separate soundtrack, which improves the impression of the slot.

That is why it is recommended to choose Buffalo Gold slot machine free play only for training. At any moment, you can get a bonus round, and it will be very disappointing if you do not have time to bet money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of refund can I expect when playing this slot?

The RTP indicator, according to the assurances of the developer himself, is 96% here. This is a fairly good percentage, which confidently competes with others.

Will the bonus rounds happen often?

This slot has medium volatility. It is this factor that determines the frequency of winnings. Here they will delight you quite often, but you need to build your Buffalo Gold slot machine strategy taking into account the fact that you need to play for a long time if you want to catch a big bonus.

Is this slot available on mobile phones?

Yes, you can always find and try the Buffalo Gold slot app if you wish. It allows you to instantly download the game, place a bet and win big prizes!

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