Review of online poker 7BitCasino

Online poker 7BitCasino is a game of poker for virtual or real money over the Internet. In order to play online poker, you need to register in a poker room or online casino and play, you do not need to download poker 7BitCasino, all casino games are easily accessible in the mobile version and are quickly loaded through the browser. Playing poker over the Internet is attractive because players do not compete with the casino, but play with each other, which makes it possible, with a certain level of skill, to play poker with a positive mathematical expectation. It was the possibility of playing poker over the Internet that led to the rapid growth in the number of players around the world. The revenues of poker operators are increasing every year.

Currently, playing poker online has literally fascinated mankind and has become a serious share of Internet traffic. Every day, tens of millions of poker fans play a wide variety of poker games. Some of them open online casinos for fun, some play because they are gamblers by nature, and some have turned 7BitCasino online poker real money into a source of good income. Every year, online poker becomes more and more popular.


How to play poker

The game can be played by 2 to 10 people. Each player in Texas Hold’em is dealt two cards.

After the distribution, the betting begins, which takes place over several rounds.

The two players to the left of the dealer make mandatory bets, which are charged before the start of bidding. This is done in order to encourage players to play actively. These mandatory bets are called blinds. These are the rules of poker.

If you are a beginner, then know that during the hand it is more profitable to have a late position in order to track the moves of your opponents. These are not poker rules, but rather a kind of tactical move.

After the players have posted the blinds, the first stage of betting begins.

The rules of the game of poker imply the presence of certain actions that the player performs in the process of trading:

  • Put, bet – place a bet;
  • Answer, call – bet the same amount as the opponent put – call;
  • Raise, raise – increase the bet – bet more than your opponents;
  • Discard cards, fold – refuse further participation in the game and discard cards;
  • Pass, check – in situations where a bet has already been made or bets have not been made by opponents – do not add anything to the pot, leave it “as is”.

The betting round ends when all players have made equal bets or folded.

After the first round of betting, if more than one person remains in the hand, then, according to the rules of poker, three common open cards are placed on the table, which are called the flop. Community cards must be used to make combinations.

If after this round, more than one person remains in the hand, then they put another common card, which is called the turn. Similar to the flop, after the turn is dealt, another round of betting takes place.

After the turn, if necessary, put the last community card – the river.

The river is followed by another round of betting, and if after it two or more players claim the pot, then a showdown occurs.

Poker combinations are made up of five community cards and two closed cards. When the last bet has been made and equalized, all the people remaining in the game take turns opening their cards to their opponents. Of these, the final winning combinations are compiled and evaluated.

Varieties of poker

Online poker 7BitCasino Australia is constantly working on the invention of more and more new formats, among which not all games become popular and in demand. However, throughout the history of poker, there are several types of this card game that have become the most popular all over the world.

Texas Hold’em

Among all existing types of poker, this is the most popular. Basically, Hold’em tournaments and cash games are played in a no-limit format.

The course of the game is represented by several rounds of betting. At the first stage, players receive two cards face down. 3 community cards are dealt face up on the board. After that, 1 more card is added to the board and the last one is placed in the next step. The result is 5 community cards on the board. The distribution itself can end on any of the streets, in the event that all players fold their cards.

Omaha high

The second most popular type of poker. The main difference from Hold’em is that in this case, players are dealt 4 cards face down instead of 2.

There is also a difference in the way combinations are formed. For example, in Omaha, in order for a player to collect a combination of 5 cards, he needs to take any two cards from those that he has in his hand and 3 common ones on the board. While in Hold’em, a player can use any number of his two cards in his hand to make the final combination.

There is also a 5-card Omaha, where instead of 4 cards face down, players are dealt 5 cards respectively.

Omaha Hi-Lo

This variety has another name – Omaha 8. In comparison with the previous type, in this case the rules differ only slightly. The one who collects the best combination (Hi) receives half of the pot, the second half goes to the player who has collected the worst combination (Lo).

It is only necessary to take into account one important point. To collect the worst combination, only cards from 8 and below must be taken into account. That is why the second name of the game appeared as Omaha 8.


This variation is also known as 7 Card Stud. Previously, this type of poker was quite popular. Its rules are as follows: there are no community cards in the game. A combination of 5 cards is formed from 7 cards dealt out in stages.

The first stage of trading is accompanied by the fact that all players receive 3 cards, two of them face down and the last one is visible to all opponents. 3 more cards are dealt face up, and the last 7th card is dealt face down.

This type of poker is usually played in a limit-stakes format.

Draw poker

One of the oldest varieties of poker, usually no more than 5 people take part in the game. Ante must be present. Players put down their mandatory bets even before they receive the cards.

All players are dealt 5 cards. Then the auction starts. Then everyone can change any number of their cards for new ones. After that, another round of bidding begins and a showdown occurs. The final combination is made up of 5 cards that you have in your hand.

poker game

Types of bonuses in poker

No Deposit Bonuses

A lot of beginners come across poker no deposit bonus 7BitCasino and, getting lost, do not know what exactly they should do to receive them and in the nuances of their provision. In fact, a no deposit bonus in poker, in simple terms, is a certain amount of money that is credited to the player’s account in the room without the need to deposit money into the account.

The funds that the player receives will not have any differences from the real funds deposited on their own. The no deposit bonus is free, in case of loss it does not impose any obligations on the player.

Ideally, a no deposit bonus will give you the opportunity to plunge into online poker and experience the pleasure of playing for real money. Winnings can be withdrawn. In pursuit of customers, casinos arrange really grandiose promotions, offering very generous rewards for playing.

First deposit bonus

Everything is extremely simple – after depositing the first money into the account, the company pays a bonus. She does it this way – in the “Cashier” or “Account State” section, an additional bonus account is opened, to which prize funds are credited. And already in the course of the game, these funds begin to be transferred in parts to the main account.

As practice shows, traditionally the bonus is calculated as a percentage of the amount deposited by the player to the account (as a rule, it is offered from 100% of the deposit amount). There is such a thing as a maximum bonus amount.

Tournament events for casino players

By themselves, freerolls are already the so-called “bonus game”. In fact, this is an ordinary tournament with a prize fund, but its main difference from analogues is the absence of the need to pay an entry fee. In other words, anyone can take part in the freeroll, and everyone has a chance to win a guaranteed prize pool.

Freerolls are tournaments designed for beginners. With the right skills and the right strategy, it is the freeroll that can be a powerful start for the career of an outstanding player. Freerolls are offered by almost all major poker rooms and casinos, this is a great opportunity for beginners to practice free poker 7BitCasino and build start-up capital and start playing with the existing bankroll for real money.

Freeroll types

Regular freerolls. Classic – you just need to register and take part. Held very often (usually every day), the size of the prize pool rarely exceeds $200.

Freerolls for beginners. The name is speaking – only a beginner can get access to them (an account with a fresh registration). By the way, these events are much more interesting than usual ones, they are widely covered and have a solid prize fund..

Private freerolls. A kind of exotic – freerolls from partner sites (supporter company). To take part, you need to enter the bonus code when registering in the poker room or know the password sent by the organizer. In this regard, there are no random people here.

Another variety is freerolls for depositors. To get access to these types of freerolls, you will need to make a deposit in the poker room. The size of the prize pool often rolls over.

Freerolls for regular players. Available to members who regularly play for real money, as well as those who have a VIP status in the poker room.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How can I play poker 7BitCasino without investing in it?

There are two ways to play poker without paying your money: bonuses and freerolls.

  • What is the difference between poker room bonuses and freerolls?

Bonuses are free money that you get when you sign up for certain rooms.

Freerolls are freerolls in which prizes are awarded by the poker rooms where they are held.

  • How to become a poker shark?

People who want to be sharks in this area must have the right qualities – patience, a continuous step towards the goal, the ability to understand other players and a certain technique that helps them achieve what they set out to do.

  • How do you catch fish in poker?

Poker “fish” are weaker players. You can earn a lot of money by playing with them. It is important to remember that when a shark enters a room, you can become a fish too.

  • Can I play poker on my phone?

Yes. 7Bitcasino provides an excellent opportunity to play any games from your phone, and for this it is not necessary to download the client, the best poker app 7BitCasino loads in the browser without any problems.