Blackjack Review: Everything You Need to Know

Black Jack is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world. It is not for nothing that his extremely fast hands, exciting calculations and strategies make him extremely attractive both for the player himself and for the spectators who are often present at the tables.

Another thing is that in this case we compete not with other players, but directly with the croupier, whose defeat always brings even greater satisfaction and joy. Blackjack, along with roulette, is most often recommended to casino players who love to play card games, appreciate tradition and standard gameplay, leaving aside video slots or more modern solutions well known in online casinos and other places.


Blackjack Rules and Basics

In short, the blackjack rules 7BitCasino can be described as follows: take cards to score no more than 21 points and at the same time have more bets than the dealer. It’s simple, isn’t it? Unlike roulette or slot machines, it’s not just luck that matters when playing blackjack. Your decisions also matter. When you play blackjack online, experience and knowledge can really make a difference in the outcome of the game. By taking the time to study, you will be able to make much more informed decisions. You will know if it’s worth the risk or if it’s better not to choose anymore. However, if you are just starting your online blackjack adventure, you will first need to organize some basic information:

  • In order to win, you must collect the result in cards as close as possible to 21 points. If you exceed 21, you will automatically lose.
  • Cards from 2 to 10 have a face value. Jacks, queens and kings are worth 10 points each, while an ace can be worth 1 or 11 depending on your choice.
  • Each round begins with the dealer dealing two cards to you and himself. Both of your cards are face up, and the dealer has one card face up.
  • Now you make a decision. The two main decisions are: do nothing or draw a card. You can continue to cast on until you have completed 21 stitches.
  • If you are dealt a pair, you can split it and play two hands. This means placing a second bet. You can also double your bet and only take one card. This is a rather risky option, but offers a high payout.

There are three blackjack strategy 7BitCasino to win. First: get a net 21 points for the first two cards. Second – More points than the dealer at the end of the hand after the choice by the dealer and you. Third – the dealer exceeds 21 points. If both the dealer and the player end up with 21 points, the player usually gets their bet back.

Blackjack – casino game strategy

This best online blackjack 7BitCasino is based on many popular strategies and it talks a lot about card counting. This is due to the fact that, as you can guess, the casino itself has a slight advantage over the player, usually a few percent, but it can be minimized. If you play the so-called dealer strategy, which means that you always play up to 17 points and never play if you have more than 17 points, the house edge is exactly 5.48%.

The never bust strategy, on the other hand, assumes that you don’t draw if your total is greater than 11. In this case, the advantage drops to 3.91%. This figure can be reduced to 0.50%, provided that we follow the basic strategy, which includes a detailed table with instructions for individual steps. Such a solution can be easily found on the Internet.

Card counting refers to players who, instead of having fun, rely primarily on winning. It depends on the remaining cards in the game. If there are more high cards ahead than low cards, then at this time the player has a statistical advantage over the casino itself, so he may be tempted to play at higher stakes, which in turn provides larger wins than losses. Automatically, when the ratio of high to low cards is equal or less, lower stakes are played, giving a better chance of success in the long run. In this case, you still have to follow the basic strategy.

Card Values ​​in Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack is considered to be a game against the casino on a deck of 312 cards (six standard decks of 52 sheets). The player strives to score the maximum number of points, not exceeding 21, in case of a bust – the player’s hand is immediately considered a loser and the bet goes to the casino bank, regardless of whether the dealer has a bust.

Card suits do not count in blackjack. Cards from two to nine, when scoring – correspond to their numerical values ​​​​(two – 2 points, three – 3, etc.). Tens and all picture cards (jacks, queens, kings) – give 10 points. Aces can count as 1 or 11 points. When scoring on hands with aces, the maximum possible amount of points is selected, not exceeding 21. When an ace can be considered simultaneously for 1 and 11 points, and in both cases there is no bust (more than 21 points) – the hand is called “soft”. A “hard” hand is one in which an ace can only count as 1 point, otherwise there is a bust.

Online Blackjack Variations

Whether you are looking for a low stakes game or an opportunity to play big, there are many different online blackjack 7BitCasino options on the market and there is sure to be something for everyone. Each variant has its own rules and features that distinguish it from traditional blackjack. Therefore, before you decide to play for real money, make sure you know the rules of the version of online blackjack game you have chosen. Below, you will find a brief description of the most popular blackjack varieties of online casinos:

  • Dealing blackjack. The surrender option allows you to stop playing after receiving the first two cards and lose only half of your bet. This way you can limit your loss if you don’t like the dealt cards.
  • Blackjack Switch – In this variation, you get two hands. You then have the option of swapping other dealt cards to make stronger hands.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack – In this variant, both of the dealer’s cards are face up. This greatly facilitates decision making. However, the casino makes up for this by offering somewhat smaller winnings.
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs – Perfect Pairs is an additional bet. You win when the first two cards are paired. The winning amount depends on the strength of the pair and the color.
  • 21 + 3 Blackjack – 21 + 3 is also an additional bet. You win if two of your cards and the dealer’s up card lie on the same straight line, the same color, three of a kind, a suit sequence, or a three of a kind.
  • Pontoon. In this variation, both of the dealer’s cards are face down. This makes the player’s chances slightly lower. In exchange for 21 points per hand, we get a 2 to 1 payout instead of the standard 3 to 2 payout.
  • Blackjack with one deck. In most online blackjack games, the dealer uses 6 to 8 decks of cards, which increases the house edge over the player. In this variation, we play with only one deck. As a result, the house edge can be as low as 0.10%. Only a few online casinos offer single-deck blackjack.
  • Super fun 21 – This version of blackjack has an interesting variety. If the player draws and ends the deal with 6 or more cards totaling a maximum of 20 points, the bet wins even if the dealer has 21 points.
  • Progressive blackjack. Progressive blackjack follows the rules of traditional blackjack, but the player has the option to play a progressive pot by placing an additional bet. As a rule, the bet is whether we will be dealt a certain combination of cards from the hand.
  • Multi-handed blackjack – in this variant, we can play traditional blackjack, with the difference that we make several bets at once.

Live blackjack game

A great option for players who enjoy blackjack is live blackjack 7BitCasino game with a real dealer. Bitcoin casino that offers live blackjack game, streams real dealers sitting at professional tables and waiting for your bets. Without leaving your home, you can plunge into the atmosphere of a real casino. The live chat feature will allow you to chat with the dealer/dealer and other players. The Bitcoin blackjack casino offers several tables for both small bets and high stakes players.

blackjack casino

Tips from experienced gamblers

During the game of blackjack, invaluable experience has been accumulated, which experienced participants are ready to share with beginners. For the game to be successful, gamblers recommend:

  • understand the rules of the main game and its subspecies;
  • study the strategy and mathematics of entertainment;
  • learn how to quickly recognize winning combinations;
  • To play with live dealers, you need to master card counting.

Following these blackjack tips 7BitCasino will allow the gambler to feel comfortable during the game, while maintaining the deposit. The blackjack card game is a great gambling entertainment with simple rules. With some experience and the application of strategies, it can bring not only moral satisfaction, but also a stable income.


  • Is online blackjack fair?

Yes, of course, if you play at a verified casino. Therefore, whether you play blackjack online, you can be sure that the game is fair.

  • Is it always possible to win at blackjack?

It’s impossible. The casino always has an advantage over the player. Even if you are a master of strategy and very lucky, it is impossible to consistently win at blackjack. Proper preparation and experience will only reduce your house edge.

  • Blackjack playing on the phone?

Certainly. Thanks to the mobile version of the 7Bitcasino casino, online blackjack is also available on your phone. Not only that, you can also play live blackjack on your phone. Blackjack is naturally available for both iOS and Android devices.

  • Can I play blackjack online for free?

7Bitcasino offers the opportunity to play blackjack for free. Free blackjack 7BitCasino is a great option if you are new to blackjack and want to learn more about blackjack rules. It can also be useful for practicing strategies or just for fun. Of course, you cannot win money by playing the free version of the game. To play blackjack online for free, all you have to do is create an account with the casino. It’s all. Without depositing money, a demo version of the casino is available to you, where the game is played for virtual money. Unfortunately, the demo version does not allow you to play live blackjack. This form of play is intended exclusively for real blackjack online 7BitCasino.

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